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5-Jul-2002: New penny picture
I replaced the old pennies picture with a new one that shows the whole collection, and it's a smaller file to boot. Woo hoo!

13-Jun-2002: More tweaking
OK, I tweaked the penny page script some more. It now has the decades table first. Pennies at $8.38, well on the way to $9.

27-May-2002: More tweaking
OK, Here's a quick rundown of this update:

1. Pennies has been updated (now shows worth in gallons of imitation soda)

2. Docs index now shows modification dates for docs

3. IFAQ has been updated (it's in the docs section)

So y'all check it out and let me know what you think. (Although I know you won't) I may change the pennies picture soon.

20-May-2002: More updates
Hello once again. I've fixed some more stuff, and removed the random names page.

The most interesting thing is that there is now a table on the pennies page that is done by decade, instead of by each year, which makes it smaller and more readable.

I also changed the links a bit.

19-May-2002: A much needed update
OK I haven't updated recently, but hey. I added the website's first picture, (on the pennies page there is a link to the picture), and BTW I found my 700th penny the same week (while back) when America's Most Wanted got their 700th bad guy.

I hope to maybe to more later but for now this is it. Enjoy!